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old-fashioned farm party kit
old-fashioned farm party kit
old-fashioned farm party kit
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Make a farm party, with old-fashioned farm party printables from you make do. These farm party printables may be used for an outdoor summer party, birthday party, baby shower, or any other special celebration. This you make do party printable kit is an instant pdf download. Print as many as you wish. 

Farm party printables include:
X farm party cupcake toppersówe taped ours to wood skewers snapped in half 
X farm party cupcake wrapper printables in gingham, pale denim, and tan canvas patternsóplace around baked cupcakes 
X farm party banner printables in red gingham and striped canvas patternsówe love ours hanging on twine
X farm party straw toppers in ginghamóuse on paper straws or attach to drinking glasses with twine to use as drink labels

We printed our old fashioned farm party printables on brown paper grocery bags to make eco-friendly party decorations. To recycle your paper bags into printables; open bags flat and cut into 8 1/2 x 11" size pieces. Using a clothes iron, iron your paper flat to remove creases so your paper flows easily through your printer. While these printables may be printed on any paper, bright and saturated color has been utilized on these designs to accommodate brown craft paper's way of absorbing and muting the colors; so you will achieve the warm, worn, natural look we created with ours here. You may also use these printables to print on white or light paper. 

More farm party ideas! 
X Use old wood chairs or hay bales for seating.
X Give each guest a bandana to wear around their neck. Or, if you will be giving them goody bags, wrap their treats in a bandana tied up with a knot.
X Use wood farm animal toys as farm party table decorations (photo below).
X Serve popcorn and pretzels in paper bags with rolled down tops (photo below) for farm party snacks. Throw in peanuts in shells too! Farmers cheese and crackers, vegetables and dip, and other grown-on-the-farm foods are fun farm party foods too.
X We used whole wheat breakfast cereal hay on top of our farm party cupcakes.
X Write on your banner flags, or any of your printables, if you wish! 

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